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Our Team

Marilyn Tolchin

(Founder/ Ceo)

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  • amertrad@prodigy.net

Marilyn Tolchin is the person who makes the magic happen. Her support staff is knowledgeable and highly capable. She has personally trained all of her associates so that they know the exacting standards that Marilyn would expect. She expects nothing less for her guests than she would for herself.

An entrepreneur and business owner, her work in real estate management became a passion for her. Each house is a reflection of her distinctive taste. While designing interiors she never over looks personal touches and welcoming features. Every knickknack has a story and is placed strategically to create an ambiance specific to the home She supervises all construction and renovation of every aspect of the homes. All of her tenants feel like they are her personal guests because each house is an extension of her own home.

As a child she emigrated from Europe. Taught herself English and later went for an advanced degree at long Island University in English Literature. She was raised in a family with a strong work ethic. Both parents had jobs so they could create opportunities for a successful life for Marilyn and her younger sister. They were absent for many events and occasions in the girl’s lives. In their absence Marilyn helped raised Anna. She taught her sister many of the tools she had to learn by herself. She understands how fortunate she has been through her dedication and hard work to create a successful business and balance this with her family obligations.

She married her soul mate and they have together raised a daughter who is the apple of their eyes.

In her home community she has been honored by local organizations as “Power Woman of Long Island 2015”and received this coveted award at a ceremony with other business leaders and her peers of the community.

When someone rents a house from Hampton Properties, they are staying in Marilyn’s home. Welcome.

Michelle Joseph

(Vice President of Hampton House Properties)

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  • josephsm218@gmail.com

Michelle began working for Hampton House Properties at the young age of 17 and slowly worked her way up the chain finally claiming the title that she has now. Michelle went to Vincent Smith High School where  she graduated Valedictorian in 2010 and continued onto Manhattanville College. She graduated from there with a degree in sociology and a minor in American Studies. Michelle does everything from answer phones to help resolve any problems that tenants might have. Michelle is always available to help tenants no matter how big or small the issue. She is very happy to help and does it with a smile. Hampton House Properties is very happy to have such a wonderful and outgoing person representing our company and everything that Hampton House Properties stands for.

William Henry

(Propery Manager)

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  • willhenryhhp@gmail.com

William joined the Hampton House Properties team in 2014. William has a variety of different jobs. He does things such as cleaning BBQs after each guest moves out; fixing anything that needs to be fixed or moving furniture when HHP is redecorating . Will graduated Queens College with an accounting degree, followed by his masters degree. He does everything asked of him and is always happy to do so.Hampton House Properties is very lucky to have such a young ambitious person on our team.

Sherry Dornbush

(Manager of Hampton House Properties)

  • 718-699-4404
  • Amertrad@prodigy.net

Sherry received her associate’s degree in Accounting and went on to obtain her degree in Business from Plaza College. She has been with Hampton House Properties since it first opened its doors in 2000. Sherry deals directly with tenants. She handles all initial confirmations and calling tenants to go over check in and out procedures. She is always on call in regards to being available to help tenants whenever needed. Hampton House Properties is very lucky to have her as part of their team.


(Grounds keeper)

 Jose’s responsibility is keeping the grounds in beautiful condition as well as reassembling the outdoor furniture after each tenant. Jose also cleans barbeques as well as fixes anything that needs to be fixed in order for our tenants to have a great vacation. Jose has been part of the Hampton House Properties team for the past 6 years.



Shane is Hampton House Properties’s go to guy when something needs fixing. He has single handedly redesigned rooms at all of our homes. His specialty is the wonderful irrigation systems that each of our homes enjoys. An example of one of the many projects he has done is he created the wonderful and beautiful koi pond at Watersview.

John Kubisa

(John Kubisa Plumbing)

John is a licensed and insured plumber. John has been with the Hampton House Properties team for over 10 years.



Geno is responsible for the grounds at each house keeping them spotless and well maintained. Geno not only mows our lawns but also does our gardening which is why our plants and trees are blossoming beautifully.  He has carefully cared for our grounds for the past 8 years.