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Great places to visit with the family in Long Island, NY

When did you first experience Long Island’s scenic beauty? Don’t you love seeing children’s eyes get wide with wonder and hearing their laughter? You just can’t beat it. Discover more ways to entertain and amaze the young’uns on Long Island:http://www.discoverlongisland.com/things/kids/default.aspx



I can’t believe how amazing the weather has been. All the grass is lush green. All the bushes are flowering. The smell of the beautiful white lilacs scent the entire backyard. Our first BBQ will be this coming weekend and we are all excited about dusting off the grill and getting started by having a wonderful first BBQ of the season. Hamptons BBQ’s are like no other. Hope everyone can join us.


The weather is Delicious in the Hamptons

The weather has been so delicious in the Hamptons. All the flowers are blooming and the trees are filling out. Yesterday I saw our beautiful deer running past our property. What a sight it was to see all our non paying Hamptons tenants. We have the pool opened and the hot tub will be opened next week. Have just found that perfect bathing suit and can’t wait to use it.